4 Galentine’s Day Gifts for your Girlfriends!

4 Galentine’s Day Gifts for your Girlfriends!

Have you heard of Galentine’s Day? It comes from the show “Parks and Recreation” and has evolved into a holiday for women to support each other on February 13th, the day before Valentine’s Day. Galentine’s Day is a day of celebration where you go out with your girlfriends and give each other something special! Why not choose that special gift at Fine Color Jewels from our online store!

Valentine’s Day is a celebration and love, and love comes in many forms. When we feel a little lonely, we yearn for romantic love, when the love of friendship and family fill the heart with meaning in beautiful and unique ways. Nothing can compare to the special relationships you share with those that care for you.  

Here are 4 amazing pieces to celebrate the power of friendship on Galentine’s Day!

1. A Round Blue Topaz Friendship Ring

This beautiful and simple ring features Blue Topaz, the Gemstone that represents friendship. This ring would be a great gift for a new friend, to show her that she is an important part of your life. This is the kind of ring that can be the start of a close and intimate friendship with a friend that just needs a little nudge to understand that this friendship is for life! Browse our other Blue Topaz Jewelry as well to find the perfect ring.

2. A Special Flower Garnet Ring

This Garnet Flower Ring is the perfect ring for that friend who has been there through thick and thin and knows you like the back of her hand. Garnet Gemstones represent love, commitment, and friendship, and the perfect gift to show an old friend how special they really are! The clever design depicts each pear-shaped stone like a petal, and while a flower will fade with time, this one will stay forever.

3. A Dainty Baguette Eternity Ring for Stacking

This Dainty Baguette Ring is a great gift for a girl who wears jewelry all the time! This Ring is perfect to stack, looks beautiful, and easily pairs with any piece. Check out our line of Baguette Rings here, to see if another style might better fit your special friend.

4. An Elegant Gold Plated Marquise Ring

This Pear-shaped Solitaire Ring is the perfect gift for the girl who lives a minimalist life. Her effortless style is beautifully accented by the little things that she picks out for herself, and these little things are filled with meaning. This gorgeous little trinket would be filled with meaning for her too, as a gift from a special friend.

Treat your friends this Galentine’s Day to something special from our online store! At this time of year, it is important for your girlfriends to know that you care about them and cherish them. Our unique and special selection of rings is the sure gift that your friends will treasure.




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