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Amethyst Half Eternity Ring
This Eternity Ring features a series of Round Amethyst stones on a 925 Sterling Silver band. The design of this ring highlights the beautiful shade of purple Amethyst, which dominates the band. This Stackable Ring is a perfect accent to...
$60.00 $45.00
Pink Amethyst Solitaire Heart Ring
This Barbie like Beautiful Heart Shaped Solitaire Ring is a stylish way to celebrate your love. The center stone is vibrant Pink Amethyst stone, set in a classic Sterling Silver band. The Princess Style Heart Shaped Stone features an expert...
$60.00 $45.00
Amethyst Split Band Heart Ring
This Barbie Inspired Heart Shaped Amethyst Ring is set in Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Band and accented with White Sapphire. The design of the band is expressed in two separate strands which hold the accent stones delicately against the...
$57.00 $42.75
Amethyst Gold-Plated Petal Ring
This Amethyst ring uses a pear-shaped cut gemstone in the center, and supported by marquise gemstones. This unique ring is accented by curled gold-plated petals. achieving a distinctive and contemporary look! Metal - Sterling Silver Gold Plated, Black Gun Plated...
$87.00 $65.25
Amethyst Evil Eye Ring
This Evil Eye Ring will bring good fortune and protection. The center of the eye features a shiny Amethyest stone surrounded by shimmering Moissanite to complete this standout design. Metal - Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Metal Weight - 3.9 gm....
$61.00 $45.75
Amethyst Three Stone Ring
This three stone round Amethyst ring is accented with Moissanite, and set in 925 Sterling Silver. Metal - Sterling Silver Metal Weight - 2.28 gm. Main Stone - Amethyst 5.0 mm Main Stone Shape - Round Main Stone Color - Purple Main Stone...
$74.00 $55.50
Amethyst Marquise Open Ring
This Beautiful and Simple Ring celebrates Amethyst, the February Birthstone. Cut in the Marquise shape, this shiny Amethyst ring is set in Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver. This Solitaire Ring is perfect to stack with your other jewelry and makes...
$35.00 $26.25
Amethyst Cushion Solitaire Ring
This Cushion cut Solitaire Ring is set in Sterling Silver and features a brilliant Purple Amethyst Stone. This piece of jewelry celebrates a contemporary style, the fancy Cushion cut gleaming from the expert cut. This minimalist Ring will be beautiful...
$55.00 $41.25
Amethyst Oval and Square Three Stone Ring
This three stone Amethyst ring features an Oval cut center stone set between two Square cut stones. The 925 Sterling Silver band needs nothing but the beautiful shade of purple Amethyst to captivate your senses. Metal - Sterling Silver Metal...
$65.00 $48.75
Pink Amethyst Checkerboard Statement Ring
The Princess like Pink Amethyst cushion ring is set in its sterling silver band on a diagonal straight, with the white Topaz accents shooting out from the edges like a sun. The Soulful Barbie Inspired Pink Amethyst is admired for...
$77.00 $57.75
Multi Color Gold-Plated Statement Ring
This eye-catching ring is Rhodium and Gold-plated, paired with Blue Topaz, Peridot and Amethyst gemstones. The charming style of the design is complimented by the various colors which beautifully compose the piece. Metal - Sterling Silver Gold Plated, Rhodium Plated...
$90.00 $67.50
Amethyst Emerald Cut Statement Ring
This ring features a beautiful Emerald Cut Amethyst stone and is set in minimalist 925 Sterling Silver band to best embrace the beauty of the stone. The band connects at each corner of the stone, joining together to complete the...
$140.00 $105.00
Amethyst Cushion Statement Ring
This Amethyst ring is a piece which embraces the illustrious beauty of Amethyst, comfortably set as the center of attention. The band is embellished with White Topaz accents, but only gently supports piece, the center of which is the beautiful...
$210.00 $157.50
Amethyst Halo Heart Ring
This heart shaped Amethyst ring is accented with White Topaz and set in Sterling Silver. The deep purple of Amethyst is beautifully defined in the heart shape, and the shimmering White Topaz supports the center stone, bringing out the complex...
$62.00 $46.50
White Topaz Horizantal Baguette Ring with Accents
This stylish Amethyst ring is set in 925 Sterling Silver, and accented by White Topaz. The stone is sparsely connected to this unique band, giving the ring a beautifully contemporary look, embellishing the purple Amethyst stone! Metal - Sterling Silver...
$65.00 $48.75
Pink Amethyst Concave Cut Statement Ring
This Barbie Inspired Concave cut Pink Amethyst Stone is a vision of beauty. Unlike the regular Oval cut, the Princess like Concave cut reveals glimmers unlike any other conventional cut! Accented by White Topaz, and set on a 925 Sterling...
$265.00 $198.75
Amethyst Square Split Band Fashion Ring
This Square cut Amethyst ring is set on an intricate 925 Sterling Silver Band, and accented by White Topaz. The Amethyst is enhanced by the careful placement of White Topaz accents, and classic design of the band. Metal - Sterling...
$46.00 $34.50
Amethyst Oval Classic Ring
This Classic piece makes for the perfect gift. The elegance of the ring lies in the design of the intricate Sterling Silver Band. The center stone, a round Amethyst, is beautifully supported, and draws attention from every angle. Metal -...
$65.00 $48.75
Pink Amethyst Cushion Statement Ring
This  Barbie Style Cushion Pink Amethyst ring is set in Sterling Silver.The Princess like pink of Pink Amethyst is the only object of attention in this alluring style, the band the only thing supporting cushion cut of the stone.Metal: Sterling...
$62.00 $46.50
Amethyst Solitaire Ring
This Oval Shaped Solitaire Ring features Amethyst as the center stone, and a 925 Sterling Silver Band. This deceptively simple style is dripping with elegance in the exquisite piece of jewelry.  Metal - Sterling SilverMetal Weight -2.70 gmMain Stone - AmethystMain Stone...
$42.00 $31.50

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