Gemstone for Women


This exquisite gemstone is for the fierce woman of today. Ruby ignites passion and helps you thrive in your life. Channelling prosperity is just one of the many benefits of Ruby. It increases vitality and gives you the courage to stand up for yourself.


Sapphire is the most regal of the gemstones. Sapphire is for the elegant woman of today. This gemstone guides you through the uncertainties of life. It also aids in honing your self-discipline and loyalty.


Glittering and shimmering often accompany this beloved gemstone along with the woman who adorns it. Her spirit and energy are complemented by Emerald. One of its kind, emerald is often credited with adding serenity to her life.


The energy of Amethyst adds a layer of relaxation to her life. The purple hue of the stone shines royally on her. This gemstone is perfect for stable and creative women who are also easy going.


Self-improvement is imperative in her life, adorning this popular gem provides a boost in her life. The alluring Citrine is coveted for it’s beauty and splendor. The rarity of the stone matches her amenable personality.


Faith and trust are the two values she holds close to her heart. The calm soothing effect on the mind and soul is provided by Topaz. Her wit and beauty match the longevity of this wondrous stone.


Tranquility is the foundation of this serene gemstone. Like the vastness of the ocean, her patience matches Aquamarine. Honestly this desired stone works as a wonderful cooling gem.


Her will and purpose fires her ambition. Garnet is perfect for the girl boss which symbolises her prosperity. Happiness is exuded through garnet and happiness is something she adores.


Peridot empowers her to take control of her life and be more responsible. Balance is the key to life and peridot supports it. Good fortunes follows the wearer of this one of a kind gem.


She’s always open to new experiences and living more consciously. Tanzanite helps her recognize her own inner strength. The stone paves a path for her creative spirit and vision.
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