5 Fine Color Jewels Gifts for Her Under $50

5 Fine Color Jewels Gifts for Her Under $50

Gifting Jewelry will surely keep you scratching your head this Christmas? Don’t worry! The gift of a new piece of jewelry is sure to put you on the nice list this year. It doesn’t need to cost a fortune to buy something beautiful either. 

Here are the 5 pieces from Fine Color Jewels that are perfect for her.

  1.  All-Natural White Sapphire Pear Shaped White Topaz Solitaire Ring

The first on our list is this beautiful Pear-Shaped White Sapphire Solitaire Ring. This ring features an understated and elegant style. This Ring is perfect for that person who has a minimalist style. A simple and elegant look, this is the perfect gift for that chic girl who loves her jewelry without the extra frills.

  1.  Elegant Baguette White Topaz Sterling Silver Ring

The Baguette style Rings are booming this season! They are amazing accent rings and compliment many different outfits. This ring is stackable and perfect for the girl who thinks that one ring on her finger is never enough. The White Topaz of this ring can pair with any ring and is the perfect complement to wedding or engagement rings if you want to add a little extra love this Holiday season.  

  1. Sterling Silver Square Citrine White Topaz Ring

This Square cut citrine ring is beautiful and uniquely designed. Does she like her rings a little chunky and elaborate? This one might be the perfect gift for her! The beautiful shine of Citrine is made for this popular square cut ring. Anyone that loves orange would love this gorgeous stone. 

  1. Chain Yellow Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Ring

This Gold Chain Ring is set in Yellow Gold-Plated Sterling Silver and is a stylish gift for this holiday season. The design represents interlocking chains in this deceptively minimalist ring. This ring is the perfect gift for that girl who loves chic pieces that match her personality. This ring is also a beautiful gift for someone with a timeless style, who doesn’t need much to make her look shine! 

  1. Sterling Silver Round Blue Topaz Ring Accented With White Topaz

This Blue Topaz Ring features a Classic Round Cut stone and will make for a wonderful gift this holiday season. Blue Topaz is a December birthstone and represents the cool blue of the season, nothing is more fitting for this surely intimate Christmas.

Do you know what’s better than gifting the lucky lady some jewelry? Gifting her jewelry that she speaks to her soul! This list is just the beginning of the amazing deals at the Fine Color Jewels Store! Our jewelry is for everyday wear so that the gift you give can be loved for a long time to come.

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