Sapphire Engagement Ring

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Blue Sapphire Round Solitaire Ring
This Round cut Ring features Moissanite accents stones and a beautifully cut Genuine Blue Sapphire center stone. The delicate design is set in Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver and would make for an elegant gift for the special one in...
$150.00 $112.50
Blue Sapphire Solitaire Ring
This Oval Shaped Solitaire Ring features Blue Sapphire as the center stone, and a 925 Sterling Silver Band. This deceptively simple style is dripping with elegance in the exquisite piece of jewelry.  Jewelry Care Tips:When caring for your new piece of...
$162.00 $121.50
Blue Sapphire Split Band Engagment Ring
This lavish ring resembles a classic style and sets itself apart with the stylish design of the White Sapphire encrusted Sterling Silver band, coming together in two strands. The center is a genuine Round cut Sapphire Gemstone. Jewelry Care Tips:When...
$192.00 $144.00
Blue Sapphire Solitaire Ring with Accents
This Oval Shaped Solitaire Ring features genuine Blue Sapphire as the center stone, and a classic Sterling Silver Band. This sophisticated style is beautifully composed and would make a stunning gift for the woman in your life. Jewelry Care Tips:When...
$132.00 $99.00
Blue Sapphire Solitiare Engagement Ring
This dignified ring is set in a White Sapphire encrusted Sterling Silver band and features a genuine Round cut Blue Sapphire stone as the center. The intricately designed band connect to the sides of the stone, portraying a beautifully set...
$228.00 $171.00
Blue Sapphire Three Stone Teardrop Ring
This Teardrop Three Stone Ring features Moissanite as the side stone and Genuine Blue Sapphire in the Center in this uniquely designed ring. The Band is Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver, beautifully accenting the shine of the center stone. Jewelry Care...
$102.00 $76.50
Blue Sapphire Oval Three Stone Ring
This Ring boasts a dainty style, with white sapphire accents and a genuine Blue Sapphire stone at the center. Set in Sterling Silver this minimalist style is the perfect ring for a woman who desires something delicate to complete her...
$96.00 from $72.00
Blue Sapphire Evil Eye Ring
This Evil Eye Ring will bring good fortune and protection. The center of the eye features a genuine Sapphire stone surrounded by shimmering Moissanite to complete this standout design. Jewelry Care Tips:When caring for your new piece of jewelry use...
$150.00 $112.50
Blue Sapphire Half Eternity Ring
This Eternity Ring features a series of Round Sapphire stones on a 925 Sterling Silver band. This Stackable Ring is a perfect accent to other complimenting Rings! Jewelry Care Tips:When caring for your new piece of jewelry use a soft...
$82.98 $62.24
Blue Sapphire Dual Eternity Ring
Two is always better than one. So make sure to get her this dual eternity ring, so she can shine twice as bright. Using all Natural Sapphire Gemstones, this ring is the perfect gift. Jewelry Care Tips:When caring for your new...
$191.04 $143.28
Blue Sapphire Chunky Statement Ring
A stunning row of all natural sapphires is what sets this ring apart. Delicately arranged on this chunky 925 sterling silver band, this ring makes a statement while staying refined. Jewelry Care Tips:When caring for your new piece of jewelry use a...
$188.64 $141.48
Blue Sapphire Fashion Heart Ring
This Statement Ring is perfect for someone that you love. This unique Heart shaped Ring design uses sterling silver and a cluster of all natural emerald stones, with a border of moissanite along the edge of the design. Jewelry Care Tips:When caring for...
$106.20 $79.65
Blue Sapphire Statement Ring
Blue Sapphire Engagement RingsIntroducing our Blue Cluster Ring, crafted in 925 sterling silver, weighing 2.87 grams. This statement ring features a round 1.5 mm blue sapphire, totaling 0.70 carats, creating a stunning cocktail ring perfect for women. The square band...
$148.50 $111.38
Blue Sapphire Halo Ring
This Classic style features a stunning natural Blue Sapphire center stone, with Moissanite accent stones. Set in 925 Sterling Silver, this ring shines a league above the rest! Jewelry Care Tips:When caring for your new piece of jewelry use a...
$117.24 $87.93
Pink CZ Teardrop Statement Ring
Metal - 925 Sterling SilverMetal Weight - 4.50 gmsMain Stone -  Pink Cz GemstoneMain Stone Shape - TearDrop 15 x 10 mmMain Stone Color - Bright PinkMain Stone Weight - 7 ctSide Stone - 113 pcs 1mm Cubic Zirconia Indulge...
$84.00 $63.00


Sapphires can also be found in the color purple, violet, peach, orange, green, brown, and grey. There are also sapphires described as white sapphires.
The main difference between the two gems is that sapphires come in a variety of colors, ranging from blue, pink, yellow, purple, and greenish. The color blue is the most popular.
A yellow sapphire's powers protect its person from accidental death. Provides a person with calmness, courage, and happiness. Jupiter holds a commanding position in the planetary sphere.
Sri Lanka is the best place to find Yellow Sapphire gemstones. Sri Lankan Yellow Sapphire is in high demand all over the world.
The quality, rarity, and color of precious stones distinguish them. There are only four gemstones: diamond, sapphire, ruby, and emerald. All other stones are classified as semi-precious.
Sapphire engagement rings are indeed extremely popular as a result of their variety of characteristics. Sapphire engagement rings are a great option to propose your partner with.
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