White Sapphire Rings for Women

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White Sapphire Pave Ring
This Sterling Silver Pave Ring is set in 925 Sterling Silver and features sparkling White Sapphire Gemstones. In this full pave style the stones sit in a series along with the entire band, brimming with style. This Ring is perfect...
$129.00 $83.85
White Sapphire Four Band Fashion Ring
This decadently styled Ring features four thin Rose gold plated sterling silver bands, all connected in the base of the ring. The main baguette stones sit on each of the four bands, each in separate locations, imparting a royal impression....
$94.20 $61.23
White Sapphire Eternity Ring
This beautifully designed ring features White Sapphire round cut stones, across an intricate Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Band. The complex design is a delicate compliment to any outfit, with its natural and noble design.   Jewelry Care Tips:When caring...
$94.20 $61.23
White Sapphire Curved Stackable Ring
This Barbie Inspired minimalist Ring is set in a Yellow Gold plate Sterling Silver Band and features round cut Princess like White Sapphire stones in the center of the ring. Jewelry Care Tips:When caring for your new piece of jewelry...
$72.00 $46.80
White Sapphire Tiara Ring
This Brabie like White Sapphire Art Deco Ring is set in Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver and features a Princess Crown design. This Art Deco Princess style is a perfect gift for the queen or princess in your life and...
$49.80 $32.37
White Sapphire Starburst Tiara Ring
This Barbie like tiara ring features a royal design in Rose Gold plated Sterling Silver Band. The main stone is a White Sapphire Marquise cut stone, which sparkles like a princess' crown in this dainty art deco ring. Jewelry Care...
$102.00 $66.30
White Sapphire Marquise Leaf Ring
This uniquely shaped Barbie like Art Deco ring is set in Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver and features White Sapphire Marquise stones angled beautifully along the band. This Princess Style dainty ring is a joy to wear and perfect as...
$147.60 $95.94
White Sapphire Three Band Fashion Ring
Jewelry Care Tips:When caring for your new piece of jewelry use a soft cloth for gentle polishing, and avoid chemicals which could disrupt the shine of the piece. Store in a cool, dry, fabric lined box when not in use....
$100.20 $65.13
White Sapphire Cluster Ring
This cluster ring features an assortment of White Sapphire gemstones, set in an intricately designed Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Band. The Beautiful ring is the perfect kind to wear as a part of your daily collection. Jewelry Care Tips:When...
$130.50 $84.83
White Sapphire Star Sparkle Ring
This Barbie Inspired Crown style ring is set in the Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver band and features Round cut White Sapphire stones along the uniquely curved band just like a Princess Style Jewelry. Jewelry Care Tips:When caring for your...
$70.50 $45.83
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