Alexandrite Engagement Ring

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Alexandrite Oval Three Stone Ring
This Ring boasts a dainty style, with white sapphire accents and a Created Alexandrite stone at the center. Set in Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver this minimalist style is the perfect ring for a woman who desires something delicate to...
$78.00 $58.50
Alexandrite Round Solitaire Ring
This Round cut Ring features Moissanite accents stones and a beautifully cut Created Alexandrite center stone. The delicate design is set in Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver and would make for an elegant gift for the special one in your...
$121.80 $91.35
Alexandrite Three Stone Teardrop Ring
This Teardrop Three Stone Ring features Moissanite as the side stone and Created Alexandrite in the Center in this uniquely designed ring. The Band is Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver, beautifully accenting the shine of the center stone. Jewelry Care Tips:When...
$78.00 $58.50
Alexandrite Solitaire Heart Ring
This Beautiful Heart Shaped Solitaire Ring is a stylish way to celebrate your love. The center stone is vibrant Created Alexandrite stone, set in a classic Sterling Silver band. The Heart Shaped Stone features an expert cut, shining brilliantly in...
$97.50 from $73.13
Alexandrite Solitaire Ring
This Oval Shaped Solitaire Ring features a 1 carat Created Alexandrite as the center stone and a Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Band. This deceptively simple style is dripping with elegance in this exquisite piece of jewelry. Jewelry Care Tips:When...
$159.60 $119.70
Alexandrite Half Eternity Ring
This Eternity Ring features a series of Round Created Alexandrite stones on a 925 Sterling Silver band. This Stackable Ring is a perfect accent to other complimenting Rings! Metal - Sterling Silver Metal Weight - 1.75gms. Main Stone - Created Alexandrite 2.5mm Main Stone...
$118.98 $89.24
Alexandrite Square Solitaire Ring
This Square Shape Solitaire features a Created Alexandrite Stone with a Rose Gold plated Sterling Silver Band. This simple ring boasts an enticing design that would serve as a perfect gift. The gorgeous hue of green comes from our expert...
$66.00 $49.50
Alexandrite Three Stone Ring
This three stone round Created Alexandrite ring is accented with Moissanite, and set in 925 Sterling Silver. Jewelry Care Tips:When caring for your new piece of jewelry use a soft cloth for gentle polishing, and avoid chemicals which could disrupt the...
$168.00 from $126.00
Alexandrite Cushion Solitaire Ring
This Cushion cut Solitaire Ring is set in Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver and features a brilliant Created Alexandrite Stone. This piece of jewelry celebrates a contemporary style, the fancy Cushion cut gleaming from the expert cut. This minimalist Ring...
$90.00 $67.50
Alexandrite Evil Eye Ring
This Evil Eye Ring will bring good fortune and protection. The center of the eye features a Created Alexandrite stone surrounded by shimmering Moissanite to complete this standout design. Jewelry Care Tips:When caring for your new piece of jewelry use...
$150.00 $112.50
Alexandrite Halo Heart Ring
This heart shaped Created Alexandrite ring is accented with White Topaz and set in Sterling Silver. The deep green blue of Created Alexandrite is beautifully defined in the heart shape, and the shimmering White Topaz supports the center stone, bringing out the complex...
$112.80 $84.60


Top quality alexandrites, like diamonds, rubies, and emeralds, are among the world's most valuable gemstones. Nevertheless, the alexandrites engagement rings are at pocket friendly prices at Fine Color Jewels.
Alexandrite is a mineral that is both green and red. When the light is balanced, the stone changes color. Fine Color Jewels has the best alexandrite gem in their collection.
Alexandrites can generate bluish-green to purple red stones on occasion. The stones are well-known for their fantastic daylight bluish-green tones. Under bright light, a significant proportion of the stones appear straight reddish purple.
Natural alexandrite is extremely rare and uncommon in jewelry because it is rarely available and in limited supply. Natural alexandrite is preferable to synthetic alexandrite.
Certain months offer a variety of modern birthstone options. If you would like to shop the June birthstone, you should go with alexandrite, pearl, or moonstone
If you wish to go for something unique and have a keen eye for color, an alexandrite engagement ring is the best choice. Alexandrite has the ability to change color from blueish green to reddish purple.
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