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Four Leaf Clover Moissanite Ring
The ring showcases a beautiful assembly of round Moissanite stones, featuring four 1.5mm and thirteen 1.8mm stones, creating a vibrant and harmonious display of Sparkle and design. Crafted from 925 Sterling Silver and plated with Rhodium, the ring has a...
$54.60 $40.95
Moissanite Solitaire Ring
This Oval Shaped Solitaire Ring features Moissanite as the center stone, and a 925 Sterling Silver Band. This deceptively simple style is dripping with elegance in the exquisite piece of jewelry. Jewelry Care Tips:When caring for your new piece of jewelry use...
$163.14 $122.36
Moissanite Round Solitaire Ring
This Round cut Ring features Moissanite accents stones and a beautifully cut Moissanite center stone. The delicate design is set in Sterling Silver and would make for an elegant gift for the special one in your life. Jewelry Care Tips:When caring for...
$73.80 $55.35
Moissanite Solitaire Ring with Moissanite Accents in Sterling Silver
This Oval Shaped Solitaire Ring features genuine Moissanite as the center stone, and a classic Sterling Silver Band. This sophisticated style is beautifully composed and would make a stunning gift for the woman in your life. Jewelry Care Tips:When caring for your...
$143.40 $107.55
Moissanite Solitaire Heart Ring
This Beautiful Heart Shaped Solitaire Ring is a stylish way to celebrate your love. The center stone is vibrant Moissanite stone, set in a classic Sterling Silver band. The Heart Shaped Stone features an expert cut, shining brilliantly in this exquisite...
$156.90 $117.68
Moissanite Half Eternity Ring
This Eternity Ring features a series of Round Moissanite stones on a 925 Sterling Silver band. This Stackable Ring is a perfect accent to other complimenting Rings! Jewelry Care Tips:When caring for your new piece of jewelry use a soft cloth...
$113.04 $84.78
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