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Natural Amethyst Halo Drop Earrings
Amethyst Drop EarringsIntroducing our Nature Amethyst Halo Style Drop Earrings, crafted with rhodium plating over 925 sterling silver, boasting a silver weight of 2.05 grams. These Halo earrings feature an Asscher-cut amethyst as the main stone, complemented by brilliant-cut moissanite...
$106.00 $79.50
Natural Blue Topaz Cushion Stud Earrings
Swiss Blue Topaz Stud EarringsDainty Natural Swiss Blue Topaz Halo Stud Earrings are crafted with rhodium plating over 925 sterling silver. The main stones are dainty Swiss Blue Topaz gems, cut into elegant cushion shapes, each measuring 6x6 mm. Complemented...
$152.00 $114.00
Natural Citrine Teardrop Stud Earrings
Citrine Earrings For Her  Introducing our Natural Citrine Earrings Studs, crafted with rhodium  over 925 sterling silver. These Birthstone Stud Earrings feature a stunning pear-shaped citrine as the main stone, accented by shimmering moissanite stones. The main stone boasts a...
$148.00 $111.00
Natural Amethyst Teardrop Stud Earrings
Amethyst Stud Earrings Introducing our Natural Amethyst Stud Earrings, featuring pear-shaped halo studs for women. Crafted from 925 silver with white rhodium plating, these earrings showcase a pear-shaped amethyst as the main stone, accented by sparkling moissanite stones. The faceted...
$148.00 $111.00
Natural Blue Topaz Cushion Halo Ring
Blue Topaz RingIntroducing our Natural Blue Topaz Wedding Ring, crafted with rhodium plating over 925 sterling silver. With a delicate silver weight of 1.80 grams, this Halo ring features a Swiss Blue Topaz as the main stone, boasting a faceted...
$143.00 $107.25
Natural Amethyst Cushion Halo Ring
Amethyst Engagement Ring Introducing our Natural Amethyst Ring, an engagement ring for women. crafted with rhodium plating over 925 sterling silver, this exquisite piece features an Asscher-cut amethyst as the main stone, accented with brilliant-cut moissanite stones. The main amethyst...
$136.00 $102.00
Natural Blue Topaz Cushion Pendant Necklace
Blue Topaz Pendant NecklaceIntroducing our Natural Blue Topaz Pendant Necklace, crafted with rhodium plating over 925 sterling silver for a timeless appeal. This elegant piece features a  cushion-cut Swiss Blue Topaz as the main stone, accentuated by brilliant-cut Moissanite stones....
$135.00 $101.25
Natural Citrine Teardrop Pendant Necklace
Citrine Pendant Necklace Introducing our Natural Citrine Pear Shape Halo Pendant Necklace,  crafted with rhodium plating over 925 sterling silver. This Birthstone Necklace features a captivating pear-shaped citrine as the main stone, complemented by shimmering moissanite stones. With a faceted...
$114.00 $85.50
Natural Amethyst Teardrop Pendant Necklace
Sparkling Amethyst Pendant Necklace Introducing our Natural Amethyst Pendant Necklace, featuring a pear-shaped amethyst gemstone, accentuated by a halo of sparkling moissanite. crafted with rhodium over 925 sterling silver , this pendant has a total silver weight of 2.53 grams....
$101.00 $75.75
Natural Amethyst Leaf Jewelry Set
Introducing our Amethyst Jewelry Set, featuring a natural Amethyst CZ Pendant Necklace and matching 2.00 ct Amethyst Earrings. Crafted in sterling silver, this set exudes elegance. The pendant showcases an arrangement of drop and oval natural Amethyst gemstones, accented with...
$278.00 $208.50
Natural Amethyst Jewelry Set
Amethyst Wedding jewelry setThe Amethyst Jewelry Set includes an octagon-shaped amethyst pendant and matching earrings, both encased in sterling silver 925 and rhodium plated for durability. The pendant features an 8x8mm natural amethyst and weighs 1.75 grams, while the earrings...
$115.00 $86.25
Natural Yellow Citrine Jewelry Set
Citrine Jewelry Set for Her Each piece showcases a solitaire design, accentuated by sparkling round created white sapphire stones, adding a touch of glamour. With a total weight of 2.57 grams for the earrings and 1.41 grams for the pendant,...
$115.00 $86.25
Natural Citrine Dangle Drop Halo Earrings
Citrine Halo Earrings for her This stunning yellow gemstone in Cushion Shape is carefully set as a main center stone in these Dangle drop Halo style Earrings with dimensions of 6x6 mm and a total weight of 1.70 ct. The...
$174.00 $130.50
Natural Citrine Cushion Halo Pendant Necklace
Natural Citrine Necklace for her The evergreen charm of a Cushion Cut Natural Citrine gemstone Pendant Necklace can be seen in this piece of jewelry. Our Citrine necklace Weighing 1.32 ct with a perfect dimension of 7x7 mm is set...
$130.00 $97.50
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Natural Citrine Cushion Halo Ring
Natural Citrine Halo Ring This elegant Halo Style ring features a 7X7 mm Cushion Cut Natural Citrine that weighs 1.43 ct and is set in a Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver band weighing a total of 2.57 g making it durable...
$143.00 $107.25
Natural Peridot Pear Shaped Halo Studs Earrings
Pear Shape Peridot Stud Earrings Gift  These stud earrings feature a teardrop shape 1.45 ct Natural Peridot Stone in the center of both stud earrings. The stunning green gemstone is meticulously surrounded with dazzling 0.21 ct of Moissanite Stones around...
$119.00 $89.25
Natural Peridot Teardrop Halo Pendant Necklace
Natural Peridot Necklace Gift  This elegant necklace features a Tear Drop shaped 0.85 ct Natural Peridot gemstone in the center with dimensions 8 x 5 mm. The pear shape Peridot is surrounded with shimmering Round Moissanite  weighing a total of...
$117.00 $87.75
Sold Out
Natural Green Peridot Teardrop Halo Ring
Peridot Engagement Ring Introducing our Natural Green Peridot Ring, This Engagement Ring is crafted from 925 Sterling Silver with a White Rhodium finish and has a metal weight of 2.41 grams. It features a single 8x5 mm pear-shaped Natural Peridot stone...
$110.00 $82.50
Lab Grown Emerald White Halo Bracelet
Emerald Tennis Bracelet for Women  This Emerald Bracelet for Women features a combination of nano emeralds and created white sapphires, set in a halo design. The nano emeralds, ranging from 2.0mm to 1.9mm, add a green hue, while the created white...
$156.00 $117.00
Lab Grown Blue Sapphire Halo Tennis Bracelet
Sapphire Halo Bracelet This Sapphire Tennis Bracelet features a rhodium Over 925 sterling silver design with a 7"+1" adjustable length. It includes created blue sapphires in varying sizes, along with created white sapphires. This versatile Blue Sapphire bracelet is perfect...
$156.00 $117.00
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