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Blue Sapphire Asscher Cut Halo Ring
Skillfully crafted from 925 sterling silver, this exquisite piece embodies both regal and lasting durability. Its white rhodium plating ensures a lustrous shine while safeguarding it from tarnishing, ensuring its brilliance remains intact for a lifetime. Despite its substantial appearance,...
$100.00 $85.00
Blue and White Square Sapphire Bracelet
Sea & Sky: Introducing our breathtaking masterpiece Lab-Grown 3 x 3 mm Blue and White Sapphire Bracelet. This 3.25 inch + 5 inch exquisite piece delicately suspends from a chain meticulously crafted with 12 captivating Blue and 11 White Sapphire...
$163.00 $138.55
Blue Sapphire Cushion Statement Ring
A symbol of grace designed to perfection, this ring features an 8x8 lab-grown Cushion Cut blue sapphire Statement Ring. The sapphire, renowned as the September birthstone, gleams with a mesmerizing deep blue hue.  The white rhodium-plated finish adds an extra...
$85.00 $72.25
Blue Sapphire Asscher Cut Ring
Meticulously designed, this captive lab-grown Asscher Cut blue sapphire is at its center, measuring 9x9 mm. Encircled with 12 shimmering white topaz accents, each gem adds a brilliant touch, matching the vibe with the vibrant blue sapphire hue.Crafted from premium...
$96.00 $81.60
Blue Sapphire Heart Shaped Ring
A symbol of love and beauty- designed to perfection, this ring features a 7x7 heart-shaped lab-grown blue sapphire, elegantly nestled within a high-quality 925 sterling silver band. The sapphire, renowned as the September birthstone, gleams with a mesmerizing deep blue...
$65.00 $55.25
Blue Sapphire Asscher Cut Three Stone Ring
Presenting to you, Our 9x9mm Lab Grown Asscher Cut Blue Sapphire Ring, The captivating sapphire is surrounded by dazzling 16 Round white topaz accents, adding a touch of brilliance to its allure. A perfect blend of elegance and sophistication. The...
$85.00 $72.25
Blue Sapphire Round Solitare Ring
Elevate your love with our enchanting Lab Grown Blue Sapphire 6.5mm Round Solitaire Engagement Ring, adorned with exquisite 43 White Topaz Accents. The band of the ring is expertly made from 925 sterling silver, renowned for its durability and classic...
$80.00 $68.00
Blue Sapphire Cushion Three Stone Ring
Crafted with precision, this breathtaking ring showcases a stunning lab-grown cushion-cut blue sapphire measuring 8x8 mm as its centerpiece, adorned with 12 dazzling white topaz accents, each stone adding a brilliant touch, complementing the Color of the vibrant sapphire. Made...
$75.00 $63.75
Blue Sapphire Teardrop Ring
Celebrate your September birthday in style with this exquisite Lab Grown  Blue Sapphire Ring for Women. This elegant ring features a teardrop design, adding a touch of elite and uniqueness to your jewelry collection. Embracing the 14 round white topaz...
$75.00 $63.75
Blue Sapphire Cushion Halo Ring
Introducing our exquisite Lab Grown Cushion Cut Blue Sapphire Ring for women which is an ideal choice to those with timeless collections. This 10 x 10 mm gem is an effortless combination of royalty and charm Crafted with attention to...
$90.00 $76.50
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