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Blue Topaz Emerald Cut Ring
This Blue Topaz ring features an Emerald cut and is accented with shiny White Topaz. The 925 Sterling Silver band solidly holds this beautiful stone, perfectly complimenting this unique cut. Metal - Sterling Silver Metal Weight - 2.44gm Main Stone...
$49.00 $24.50
Blue Topaz Dual Teardrop Ring
This dual Pear Shaped Blue Topaz Ring is designed in a delicate 925 Sterling Silver Band and accented with White Topaz. The two Pear Shaped stones face away from each other, and lightly touch each other to complete the Ring....
$45.00 $22.50
Citrine Silver Statment Ring
This Oval Citrine Ring is set in a 925 Sterling Silver band in a majestic style. The main stone is accented with White Topaz and highlights the beautiful golden yellow color of the Citrine stone. Jewelry Care Tips:When caring for...
$89.00 $44.50
Chrome Diopside Gold-Plated Dangling Earrings
These dangling earrings are gold-plated and paired with a green colored gemstone called diopside. The design is arranged to depict fruit hanging off a tree. These stylish earrings are a perfect complement to the spring dresses you have in your...
$100.00 $50.00
Garnet Dangling Bird Earrings
These Nature inspired earrings feature a dainty gold-plated bird and snail accent, resting on the body of the piece which is shaped like a branch. The Round Garnet gemstone imparts a beautiful red accent to the piece. Jewelry Care Tips:When...
$100.00 $50.00
Multi Color Dangling Bird Earrings
These nature inspired earrings feature a gold-plated bird and snail accent, resting on a body of the piece, which is shaped like a branch. The stones featured in the piece are Blue Topaz, Garnet and Diopside. The colors green, red...
$88.00 $44.00
Multi Color Dangling Earrings
These eye-catching earrings are Rhodium and Gold-plated, paired with Blue Topaz, Peridot and Amethyst gemstones. The charming style of the design is complimented by the various colors which beautifully compose the piece. Jewelry Care Tips:When caring for your new piece...
$100.00 $50.00
Sold Out
Mystic Quartz and Blue Topaz Drop Earrings
These slender dangling earrings are a sublime combination of Mystic Quartz and Blue Topaz. The piece features stylish shades of blue with varied cuts of carefully selected gemstones. From cushion to oval, to round, the different shades in this piece...
$160.00 $80.00
Amethyst Leaf Dangling Earrings
These artisan crafted nature inspired earrings are black metal plated 925 Sterling Silver, and feature a medley of complimentary colors. The accent stones are nano emerald and are arranged to represent beautiful leaves to compliment the deep purple of Amethyst....
$100.00 $50.00
Amethyst Gold-Plated Dangling Earrings
These dangling, 925 Sterling Silver Gold-Plated earrings feature an Amethyst main stone and are accented with nano Emerald. The royal colors of purple and gold meld against each other throughout the piece, each earring contains a total of four Oval...
$138.00 $69.00
Purple Sapphire Checkerboard Cushion Ring
This Barbie-Inspired Created Purple Sapphire Ring is set in a 925 Sterling Silver band and has light White Topaz accents. The focus of this Princess Style ring is on the brilliant Purple Sapphire, the other aspects of the ring lightly...
$57.00 $28.50
Purple Sapphire Square Halo Ring with Accents
This Barbiecore Fashion Halo Style is a graceful variation of a square Created Purple Sapphire Stone, accented by White Topaz and set in 925 Sterling Silver. The Princess-like band is beautiful genuine silver and reflects true handmade craftsmanship. Metal -...
$50.00 $25.00
Purple Sapphire Cushion Statement Ring
This Barbiecore Inspired Cushion cut ring is set in 925 Sterling Silver, and accented with White Topaz. The Stone is a beautifully cut Created Purple Sapphire stone composed of this intricately Princess styled ring. Jewelry Care Tips:When caring for your...
$143.00 $71.50
Tanzanite Teardrop Cocktail Ring
The centerpiece of this Ring is a pear-shaped tanzanite Ring and is surrounded with a series of Oval-shaped stones, to craft an enchanting design. The accenting White Topaz stones make the ring flourish with style. Jewelry Care Tips:When caring for...
$116.00 $58.00
Tanzanite Marquise Fashion Ring
The Marquise cut Tanzanite Ring is set in 925 Sterling Silver. The beautiful design of this ring will flutter on your hand! Metal - Sterling Silver Metal Weight - 3.91gm Main Stone - Tanzanite Main Stone Shape - Marquise Main...
$76.00 $38.00
Garnet Marquise Flower Ring
This Marquise cut Garnet is beautifully shaped to depict a flower. Set in 925 Sterling Silver the band is expertly crafted to contain this beautiful design. Metal - Sterling Silver Metal Weight - 4.62gm. Main Stone - Garnet Main Stone...
$60.00 $30.00
Sold Out
Garnet Dual Heart Promise Ring
This Ring features two heart shaped gemstones, bound together in a beautiful 925 Sterling Silver band. The accent stones are White Topaz and bring out the deep red shade of Garnet. Metal - Sterling Silver Metal Weight - 2.98 gm...
$43.00 $21.50
Garnet Chunky Fashion Ring
This Garnet Ring is set in 925 Sterling Silver and accented by White Topaz. The Square cut of the stone is a classic style that persists in its elegance! The Garnet is surrounded by White Topaz, complimenting the deep red...
$60.00 $30.00
White Topaz Slanted Baguette Ring
This Baguette style ring features two series of White Topaz stones, both complimenting each other on an elegant diagonal, set in a contemporary style. The lustrous gemstones are set in 925 Sterling Silver, are the perfect complement to your engagement...
$99.00 $49.50
White Topaz Halo Engagement Ring
This gorgeous Round cut Bridal or Engagement ring is beautifully set in the minimalist 925 Sterling Silver Band. The White Topaz accent stones encrust the band and highlight the center White Topaz. Jewelry Care Tips:When caring for your new piece...
$68.00 $34.00
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