6 International Women’s Day Pieces You Can’t Miss!

International Women’s Day is celebration of the efforts by women’s and girls’ around the world who work toward a future where women are represented in all the major decisions which affect the global community. 

We at Fine Color Jewels commit ourselves to this mission through our association with the Girl Up Foundation. An Organization which works tirelessly to advance girls’ opportunities around the world to rise as leaders. Through Events for Young Women, and accessible information for Gender Equality, the Foundation instills the values in girls that we at Fine Color Jewels strive to represent in our business, which is why a portion of each sale goes to the Girl Up foundation. You can find all the information here, to explore accomplishments of Girl Up, and ways that you can contribute to that beautiful future too!

As women, we celebrate the milestones in our lifes with something special, to celebrate our accomplishments and remind ourselves of the hard work it took to get there. So, we took a little time to pick out a few beautiful pieces to commemorate this International Women’s Day.

  1. A Dainty Created Alexandrite Round Ring

    We want to start our list with one of our most popular rings for this special holiday! This gorgeous Rose Gold ring features a complex created Alexandrite stone, which uniquely changes color when under yellow or white light. Under white light, the stone sparkles with an attention grabbing blue-green shine, and under yellow light the color changes to deep bronze color, which matches the rose gold perfectly! You can also find this design in Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, or Spessartite Garnet!

  2. A Beautiful Pink Amethyst Solitaire Heart Ring

    This Solitaire Heart Ring is artfully designed and features a gorgeously colored pink amethyst stone that sparkles beautifully. Set in Rose Gold, this feminine ring is one to admire, and sets a loving tone for Women’s Day this year. You can find this same style in Blue Topaz, Garnet, or Alexandrite!

  3. An Elegant White Topaz Baguette Eternity Ring

    This Baguette Eternity Ring features White Topaz in an elegant design. Perfect on its own, or a royal accent ring to your engagement or wedding ring, this confident design will shine on International Women’s Day this year.

  4. A Gold Plated Petal Amethyst Teardrop Ring

    This Teardrop Amethyst ring is for those of us who like to keep nature at their fingertips. Celebrate Women’s Day with this beautiful gold-plated petal band which wraps around the finger. This uniquely designed ring features an assortment of Natural Amethyst stones and small nano Emerald stones.

  5. A Dancing Ruby Necklace

    This unique necklace features a ruby stone expertly designed to rotate and dance on a sturdy axle, on a 925 Sterling Silver chain necklace. This pendant necklace is perfect to celebrate Women’s Day with something special. This kind of irreplaceable gift is something you’ll want to treat yourself with! You can find this same design in Sapphire or Emerald.

  6. A Graceful Emerald Bracelet

    This elegant emerald and silver chain bracelet is a beautiful way to celebrate women’s day this year, with a sterling silver heart accent at the end and five artfully placed genuine emerald gemstones. You can find this design in Ruby or Sapphire.

As Women, we deserve to reward ourselves for the professional and emotional progress we make in our lives, knowing that the fruit of our success spells the future for the generation of women that come after us. This International Women’s Day let's reward our hard work and persistence in our challenging environment. Choose something to fit your beautiful personality and treat yourself to a gift to celebrate yourself this Women’s Day!

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