4 Mother’s Day Rings that She will Love!

4 Mother’s Day Rings that She will Love!

This Mother’s Day, it’s the right time to do something special for Mom. Mother’s Day is a day of love and remembrance for all the sacrifices that our mother’s made for us, bringing us into this great and wondrous world. All Moms are a little different, each with their own style and energy, showing their love and care in uniquely special ways. At Fine Color Jewels, we know each Mom deserves a gift that will make her feel special in a way that shows her love is celebrated; so we put together a few pieces to make your shopping a little easier.

1. For the Plant Mom

For our first Mother's Day ring, we chose one of our most popular spring rings for the Mom whose space is a sanctuary for plants. It takes a special kind of patience to have a green thumb, and that kind of nourishing love is a beautiful aspect of her identity. This stunning Amethyst ring features gold plated petals and nano Emerald accents in a piece that celebrates nature.

2. For the Minimalist Mom

She’s always got a subtle touch of style, never overstated, and always cool. She wears the pieces that draw your attention because she knows how to make small gestures that speak volumes. For the minimalist Mom, we chose one of our eternity rings. Set in Rose Gold with White sapphire stones, this elegant design will let her know that you pay attention to how she makes the little things larger than live.

3. For the Glamorous Mom

She has big rings and she’s not afraid to wear them. A loving woman that wears her heart on her sleeve and is never shy to speak her mind deserves a ring that can match her powerful energy. This gorgeous Blue Topaz Statement Ring is accented with glimmering tanzanite in this captivating design. 

4. For Every Mom

This is a style that any mom would love. Designed with care and attention in New York City, This style is available in Sterling Silver and Rose Gold with Gemstone options in Created Alexandrite, Spessartite Garnet, Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire. The ring is accented with sparking moissanite stones, and features a Round cut center stone that steals the show.

There’s no way that we can match the love and care and attention that our Mother’s have shown us, but once a year we get to try our best. Our Moms deserve to know that we think about them the way that they think about us, so let’s get something that is going to mean something for years to come with a special Mother’s Day Rings that is unique to her. 

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