6 June Birthstone Rings To Start The Perfect Summer!

6 June Birthstone Rings To Start The Perfect Summer!

June is the month of two birthstones, the timeless pearl, and the gorgeous Alexandrite. Both shine with magnetic luster and would make a perfect June birthday gift. In our alexandrite stones the color changes from a mystical blue green to a deep purplish red with the change of white and yellow light. The changing color of our Alexandrite stones are so complex and bursting with energy that they will always grab your attention. On the other hand is the shimmering white pearl birthstone, which has always represented long life and fertility. The Pearl’s popularity has always made it one of the most coveted gemstones, and a must have for any jewelry lover. 

This guide will take you through six of our June birthstone rings, in both Pearl and Alexandrite.

1 & 2. A Ring for both June Birthstones

This style is one of our most popular, so we made sure to keep it for both of our June Birthstones. This setting is designed for a 3mm round gemstone and is encrusted with white moissanite accent stones, perfect for a dainty pearl, or a brilliant alexandrite. Set in either Rose Gold or Sterling Silver this ring never disappoints with its subtle charm.


3. A Heart Shaped Alexandrite Ring you'll love

This Heart Shaped Alexandrite Ring is set in Rose Gold plated Sterling Silver and is one of our favorite pieces. The dancing color from greenish blue to purplish red is perfectly captured in this single stone heart ring, with the captivating alexandrite in the center.

4. A Stunning Pearl Statement Ring

This Pearl Ring features a stunning freshwater cultured pearl that shimmers beautifully in a delicate setting with moissanite accents. Perfect for graduations and special occasions, the shining pearl is the perfect gift. 

5. A Classic Alexandrite Ring

This Alexandrite Solitaire Ring features moissanite accents on the sides with a dainty oval center stone. Perfect for everyday wear, this ring sings with a lively burst of energy, like every Alexandrite stone that has the perfect balance of color. This ring would make a fine gift to surprise the June Baby. 

6. The Dainty Pearl Ring of Summer 2021!

This Pearl Cluster Ring is one of our standout designs, the delicate collection of freshwater cultured pearls artfully arranged in a timeless design. This is the kind of ring that would suit anyone born in June, with a kind of innocent novelty that could only be seen in the warm and affectionate gift.

At Fine Color Jewels, we love all of our rings, and all of our birthstones, but there’s still something special about June. The perfect contrast of the electric and fickle Alexandrite and the Pearl, the most innocent of all gemstones, is exactly what we need to take us into the summer. Pick up an FCJ Ring of your own, and experience for yourself, why we love to make stunning rings.

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