7 Gifting Ideas For Women's Day Under $100

7  Gifting Ideas For Women's Day Under $100

Have you ever heard of the saying, “ A charming woman doesn’t follow the crowd; she is herself.”?  Well, these are the exact words of Loretta Young, and we agree, right? 

Listen up, ladies, this International Women’s Day, dwell into self-love, and let your brightest self shine like a star. Gift yourself sterling silver necklaces or gemstones attached to 925 sterling silver rings. 

Show the world what real empowerment is!

Radiate your charisma, and to make you even more beautiful, we bring you the list of seven gifting ideas, all under $100. After all, you deserve it!  

Budget-friendly Gifts for Women’s Day

What is a gemstone anyway? Well, these are some purifying stones that help you restore calmness and peace. Every gemstone has a different purpose and represents different qualities. Where ruby represents passion, garnet represents ambition, plus gemstone jewelry not cleanses your aura but helps you grow into a stronger individual. 

In this blog, we bring you the list of seven gemstone gifts under $100, including beautiful sterling silver necklaces that will not purify your aura but will also work as a statement of elegance. 

So, let’s head stare at them. 

1. Sterling Silver Moissanite Ring

Moissanite is a gemstone that represents a solid and unbreakable bond. Isn’t this what you aim to achieve for yourself? An unconditional and strong loving bond with yourself. 

This women’s day, gift yourself a 925 Sterling Silver Moissanite ring.  Radiating pure glory and charisma, Moissanite resembles and shines bright like a diamond, and so do you! 

Not only does this ring work its magic when worn alone, but it will also complement any accessory you wear. 


2. Alexandrite Ring

Apart from sterling silver necklaces, another piece of jewelry is waiting to add prosperity to your personality. 

Gift yourself an Alexandrite Ring! Do you know that Alexandrite is a gemstone known for prosperity and luck? Well, you do now, so why wait? Alexandrite attached to a rose gold plated 925 silver sterling ring isn't thought beautiful, well so is the ring. 

This ring screams elegance from every inch. Works with all kinds of outfits and accessories, this is just the perfect gift you need for yourself. 


3. Ruby Pendant Necklace

You might live under a rock if you haven’t heard of Ruby. It is a stone of passion that represents fierce nature. Ruby engraved in sterling silver necklaces will make you shine a little more. 

This women’s day, feed your passion and take charge of your world with fierceness. Hold your head high and gift yourself sterling silver necklaces with a ruby pendant.

Pair it up with a 925 sterling silver ruby ring to complete your look. Also, ruby goes with outfits of every color.


4. Heart-Shaped Alexandrite Ring

There is no doubt to it that you are a strong individual, but do you have spiritual and physical balance? Well, you won’t have to worry about it once you buy yourself a beautiful heart-shaped Aleandrire ring

Alexandrite poses a balance between physical and spiritual being, plus brings you luck and intellect. On top of that, when attached to a rose gold plated 925 sterling silver ring, this will add magnificence to your look. 

You feel confident when you look good, and this ring assures you a charming persona. So, what are you pondering over? Buy yourself a ring and grace it with sterling silver necklaces; you’ve earned it, girl!   


5. Moissanite Accent Rings

We now know that Moissanite is a symbol of a strong and unbreakable bond. If a single stone is that strong, think how effective it will be even if there are more accented and added to it? Feel the love? 

Moissanite rings with moissanite accents are the pure bliss of beauty. This ring is a beauty to the eyes and to the soul. This International Women’s day, let your inner queen shine and grab your crown. 

Till that moment prepare yourself with this beautifully carved ring which comes in various designs. Gift this to yourself, and show the world that you need no king!    


6. Heart-Shaped Alexandrite Necklace

Aren’t heart-shaped pendants just the cutest? Well, the heart -shape Alexandrite necklace is not only cute but one that shouts elegance at top of its voice. With gorgeous purple Alexandrite engraved in one of the finest sterling silver necklaces, this is by far the prettiest gift. 

Sterling silver necklaces are in itself quite pretty and this gemstone just adds glory to an already beautiful neckpiece. Well, that’s not all, this stone is also good for maintaining a balance between your spiritual and physical self. 

Isn’t this the best? It is just the perfect gift that you must give yourself. It is simple, small, and elegant. On that note, don’t forget to shower yourself with love and some gemstone rings and heart-shaped Alexandrite sterling silver necklaces. 


7. Heart Garnet Pendant Necklace

We all have ambitions, but when it comes to women, they just tend to be a bit more ambitious than the other lot. There are many reasons for it, but that is something for another time. For now, we bring you something that is ideal to portray your ambitious side. 

Heart-shaped Garnet Pendant! Yes, you do know that garnet is a gemstone that represents happiness and symbolizes girl boss, right? Well, then what better way to let everyone know who the boss is. 

Be your own boss, and bless yourself with some love by gifting yourself a lovely heart-shaped garnet pendant with sterling silver necklaces. Together with a rose gold covering, they just look atrociously beautiful. 

If you are still stuck to the question, what is a gemstone, the easiest answer is that they are aura magnifiers. With each gemstone comes a different quality. Fine Color Jewels understands this and provides you with a vast collection of gemstone jewelry. 

This women’s day Fine Color Jewels is all in for self-love and women empowerment.  Buy yourself these lovely pieces of jewelry and shine bright like a diamond. 

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