9 Timeless Solitaire Jewels For The Love of Your Life

9 Timeless Solitaire Jewels For The Love of Your Life

On Valentine's Day, we think of solitaire jewels, the first thing that pops into our minds is that iconic Solitaire Engagement Ring, that represents a lifetime of love and commitment. The ageless design is synonymous with a singular love, shared between two people. Our first impression of a Solitaire Ring is a classic diamond engagement ring, but jewelry fanatics are obsessed with unique stones in this timeless style. Explore our collection of 9 timeless Solitaire pieces.


1. Created Alexandrite Heart Shaped Solitaire Ring (FCJR0077CASR)

This Solitaire Heart Ring would be a stunning and unique Valentine’s Day Gift. Alexandrite Rings have been celebrated for decades, with its unique shine that changes color with the light, this stone can be the crowning jewel, to an unforgettable Valentine's Day. 

2. Ruby Solitaire Engagement Ring (FCJR0074RUSR)

No other stone brings the heat like the fiery Ruby. Having long represented love and power, a Ruby Ring would be a strong statement this Valentine’s Day. Coveted by Kings, a Ruby Ring inspires devotion and passion, perfect to top off a sizzling Valentine’s Date.

3. Moissanite Solitaire Engagement Ring (FCJR0072MSS)

A gemstone that keeps getting more popular is the shimmering Moissanite. Known as a diamond alternative, it's a no brainer why it’s so sought after in recent years. With the look and feel of a true diamond ring, at a fraction of the price, Moissanite Rings are stunning, and sometimes just the right option for some couples, who are saving up for a house, or want splurge on their honeymoon. This Moissanite Engagement is designed in one of our most popular styles, and is sure to please.


4. Round White Topaz Rose Gold Engagement Ring (FCJR0017WTSR)

This White Topaz Solitaire Ring is designed in a Classic Style, with an appropriately huge 2.5 carat stone in the center. The setting is encrusted with light White Topaz accents, and the band is chic Rose Gold Plated Silver. A gift that’s easy on the eyes at any time of the year.

5. Blue Sapphire Solitaire Bracelet in Sterling Silver (FCJB0010SA)

This Solitaire Bracelet features a beautiful 7 by 5 millimeter sapphire stone, designed with moissanite accents and set in Sterling Silver. The soulful blue sapphire is often given as a gift after decades of partnership, indicative of a deeply rooted relationship of affection and support.

6. Freshwater Pearl Statement Ring (FCJR0087PRL)

The forever popular June Birthstone: Pearls represent perfection and incorruptibility, connected to wisdom, spirituality, and imbued with feminine energy, they are a dream of any girl’s Valentines Day. This particular ring is set in Sterling Silver and features Moissanite Accents to highlight the massive 2.55 carat Cultured Pearl. 

7. Yellow Gold Plated Ruby Solitaire Necklace

This Beautiful Ruby Necklace is set in Yellow Gold Plated Silver, with shiny moissanite accents around the fiery Ruby Gemstone. The Solitaire Ruby Stone is an alluring draw, bound to catch the eye of admirers, and perfect to stoke the passion in your relationship this Valentine’s Day.

8. Created Opal Teardrop Solitaire Ring

This Teardrop Ring is set in Sterling Silver and features a perfectly iridescent opal stone. Known to symbolize faithfulness and confidence, the October Birthstone is a lovely option for a unique Valentine’s Day gift this year. 

9. Created Alexandrite Oval Solitaire Ring with White Sapphire

This Alexandrite ring is a fan favorite and features a novel design. The solitaire alexandrite jewel is horizontally set, with white sapphire accent stones to complement the special color changing stone. 
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