Blue Topaz: The Gemstone of December's Birthstone Celebration

Blue Topaz: The Gemstone of December's Birthstone Celebration

Did someone say December? We hear Christmas bells! The month brings enormous joy, yet Christmas is not the only fascinating thing about December. December birthstone Blue Topaz, is another precious thing that embarks the unmatchable glory of the month. The enchanting beauty of the december birthston Blue Topaz makes its jewelry the most precious and captivating gift.

Though December has been allotted the highest number of birthstones - three, to be precise, blue topaz takes major priority. Thus, we are here with the meaning and symbolism of the December birthstone blue topaz!  

December Birthstone - Meaning And Symbolism

December birthstone blue topaz was once referred to as protection, but the relevancy and meaning have evolved. Presently, blue topaz is associated with affection and is a token of true and unconditional love. December birthston Blue topaz also symbolizes calm and peace; furthermore, the stone was used to soothe fear and relieve nightmares in ancient times.

5 December Birthstone Blue Topaz Jewelry

December birthstone blue topaz is not just charismatic to the eye but also enchants the soul, making blue topaz jewelry an ideal gift for the lady of your dreams. The love of your life deserves only the best, and this token of love and affection beats the glory of all other sparkly stones.

We at Fine Color Jewels have curated a list of five December birthstone blue topaz jewelry; check it out below!  

Sterling Silver Oval Blue Topaz Tanzanite Ring

As said earlier, December is a month with three birthstones - Tanzanite, Zircon, and Blue Topaz. Each of the stones has its charisma, and when two of them are combined to form this beautiful Sterling Silver Oval Blue Topaz Tanzanite Ring, the sight is unrivaled. Beautiful oval-shaped blue topaz sits gloriously at the center and is surrounded by shimmering Tanzanite. Choose this ring for the love of your life and leave her in a trance of breathtaking beauty!
December birthstone


Natural Blue Topaz Rhodium Plated Evil Eye Necklace

While the blue topaz brings peace, harmony, and relaxation, the evil eye acts as a shield against negativity. Shower your partner with love, good fortune, and protection with our Natural Blue Topaz Rhodium Plated Evil Eye Necklace. December birthstone blue topaz sits at the center of the eye while glistening moissanite accents surround the main stone. The spectacular design and magnificent charm of the stone will sweep your partner off their feet!
birthstone of December

Classic Sterling Silver Blue Topaz and Amethyst Earrings

The list of jewelry can't be complete without earrings, so we bring you soulful Classic Sterling Silver Blue Topaz and Amethyst Earrings for our next pick. The combination of incredibly stunning purple amethyst and gorgeous sky blue topaz is a sophisticated blend of bold and beautiful. The stones are cut in oval, round, and pear-shaped and are set in a beautifully conveying pattern.
December birthstone Blue Topaz

Classic Sterling Silver Mystic Quartz and Blue Topaz Ring

If bold and elegant are your lady's style, this ring is the absolute choice! Set in a stunning 925 sterling silver ring, this gorgeous ornament features an incredible cluster of stones. Our Classic Sterling Silver Mystic Quartz and Blue Topaz Ring is an ideal blue topaz birthstone month ornament with round and oval-shaped stones. The ring is a heavenly amalgam of varied shades of blue and will flatter your partner's style!
birthstone of December Blue Topaz

Graceful Round Cut Natural Blue Topaz Pendant Necklace with White Sapphire
Lastly, on our list, we have the Graceful Round Cut Natural Blue Topaz Pendant Necklace with White Sapphire. The December birthstone blue topaz dances stunningly at the center of the pendant, while the white sapphire accents encrust the December birthstone. This piece of jewelry brings you two most gorgeous stones magically set in a graceful design of silver bends.

Hang on! This is not all; you get many more options at Fine Color Jewels. The best part? We bring you jewelry made of all the December birthstones! Our cruelty-free methods to obtain 100% pure birthstones add grace to each of our products! We are all about you - because our customers matter the most to us, thus, bringing you the highest quality jewels. Choose from our array of breathtaking jewelry and give your loved one a token of love, appreciation, peace, and positivity!

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