Discovering the Enchanting Beauty of October's Birthstone - Opal

Discovering the Enchanting Beauty of October's Birthstone - Opal
October is known not only for Halloween celebrations but also for a precious birthstone. Lucky are those born this month as they're blessed with the exceptional birthstone - opal.  Since time immemorial, humans have been wearing opal gemstone as a piece of jewelry. Opal jewelry stimulates love, harmony, and mutual understanding. Opal gemstone jewelry is not only beautiful but has also proved to be a LUCKY charm. Therefore, Fine Color Jewels  has brought you a collection of October birthstone jewelry to allow you to shine as bright as the Sun.

October Birthstone Opal- Meaning And Colors

The name of the traditional October birthstone originated in India, from the word Upala, which means "a precious stone." In ancient Rome, it became opalus. Due to its enthralling display, the opal is entitled "Queen of gemstone.” The color range of the October birthstone is versatile; it comes in shades of gray, brown, black, and blue. The kaleidoscopic colors and luxurious appeal make the October birthstone jewelry mesmerizing and enchanting. You can buy 100% natural jewelry made from opal gemstone from Fine Color Jewels.  

October Birthstone Opal Jewelry You Should Not Miss Out On!

If you're born in opal birthstone month, then you can enjoy and celebrate your month by buying yourself enticing and alluring jewelry made from opal. Indeed, opal jewelry holds a multitude of hues and reflections and gives it a persistently flickering and sparkling appearance. Here is the list of jewelry made from Opal gemstone for all the pretty women born in October month.

White Opal October Birthstone Ring

Whether it's your birth or your friend's birthday, a beautiful ring will be the best gift to give someone. You can get this beautiful, stylish, and simple ring for yourself or your friend as a token of love. Further, you can wear this ring in daily use and let it add glory to your entire appearance. So, why wait? Just grab this beautiful piece of jewelry made from opal gemstone.
october birthstone opal

Created Opal Teardrop Halo Ring with Moissanite Accents

Does your girlfriend, mom, or sister's birthday come in October? Looking out for something extraordinary to make their birthday mesmerizing and memorable? Opal gemstone jewelry will be the best gift to bestow and show your love for them. This unique halo ring features an opal center stone with shiny moissanite accents. Do not wait; just get it now at a discounted rate and celebrate it as opal birth month.

opal birthstone for October

Healing Properties Of Opal - October Birthstone

Opal gemstone is not just regarded for its beauty and appearance but also its healing properties. Yes, it's true that the spectacular interplay of colors gives profound healing to those who wear jewelry made with opal gemstone. Basically, it promotes a sense of calmness, easing one's stress and directing one's thoughts positively. Opal gemstone also acts as an antidote to the restless mind and calms the useless mind chatter.

Another healing property of opal is that it calms the mind, boosts focus, and gives positive and happy dreams to insomniacs, thereby improving sleep. It also works wonders for children's sleep problems. Undoubtedly, this October birthstone opal greatly resonates with the mother goddess and provides exceptional healing to the women. It also facilitates letting go of one's feelings of fear, negativity, and resentment, ultimately promoting self-control and inner enlightenment.

If you truly want to embrace the beauty of opal gemstone jewelry and are looking to buy for yourself or your loved ones, Fine Color Jewels is here to serve. We offer 100% quality jewelry made from natural gemstones. Additionally, we ensure that our jewelry designs are unique and exceptional, just like YOU. If you're worried about the prices, then FCJ always prioritizes its customers and offers cost-effective jewelry without hurting your budget.

Why not celebrate the October birthstone opal with our master jewelry? Get it now before it is sold out. Get ready to shine like a STAR with opal birthstone jewelry. Don't miss out on signing up for our newsletter for more updates on new collections, sales, and more. Subscribe to our newsletter and get a free ring.

Don't miss out on signing up for our newsletter for more updates on new collections, sales, and more. Subscribe to our newsletter and get a free ring.

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