Every Day Is Mother's Day: Gifts From FCJ For All Moms

Every Day Is Mother's Day: Gifts From FCJ For All Moms

Mother - our first everything, home, teacher, and love. We all are a piece of our mother and just metaphorically. “The purest bliss of all is in the lap of a mother”, a renowned saying that almost every individual believes. Instead of falling back to old classic gifts like, cards or flowers, this mother’s day, gift her everyday jewelry or 925 sterling silver rings and pendants.

Though it is widely celebrated on the second Sunday of May, it is every bit of truth that every day is Mother’s day. You will as well agree that your mother deserves all the happiness, right?
Yes, we believe it too, and Fine Color Jewels bring you a wide collection of 925 sterling silver jewelry and rose gold plated jewelry. Your mother deserves the best, so if you are willing to give her the finest, shop from our beautiful collection of gemstone rings, earrings, bracelets, and sterling silver necklaces.

Top Gifts For Moms By Fine Color Jewels
You and your mother might not always see things eye to eye, but she will always see heart to heart. Celebrate this Mother’s Day with love and gift her beautiful gemstone rings, sterling silver necklaces, and others by Fine Color Jewels. Show her that you are proud to be her child and look up to her as a role model.

Mentioned below is a list of everyday jewelry, choose the one that suits your mother’s personality!!!

Mother's Day Rings
Fine Color Jewels offers you the finest collection of gemstone rings. Gemstones have certain qualities, such as peace, fierceness, and many others.

Check out the product mentioned below and gift your mother a delightful gemstone ring.

Pink Amethyst Cushion Checkerboard Halo Ring

Pink Amethyst Cushion Checkerboard Halo Ring
Embedded in the 925 sterling silver ring, this amethyst gemstone ring is one of the best options for you to pick. Ornamented with beautiful topaz, the ring gorgeously accents the sun. With its strong diagonal cut, it will add a glorifying charm to your mother’s hand.

Mother's Day Necklaces
Sterling silver necklaces are one of the best picks for Mother’s Day. Show her your love with these beautiful necklaces. Imagine the smile on your mother’s face, whenever she wears the necklace, isn’t it the best feeling?

Well then, check out the product mentioned below, to find out the best pick.

Moissanite Multi Pendant Necklace

Moissanite Multi Pendant Necklace
Moissanite is a beautiful crystal clear gemstone. When embedded and worn with a 925 sterling silver necklace, the beauty of this jewelry is unmatched. The look of this piece is royal and is ideal for occasions and special events. Though the ladies don’t need a reason to dress up, this piece will beautify her look, and is suitable for every occasion.

Mother's Day Bracelets
Mothers tend to store our gifts. Want to give her something that she just won’t be able to resist using? Then you should definitely give her bracelets by FCJ. Beautiful gemstones, embedded in 925 sterling silver, now how will a lady ever resist such a charming accessory? She would love flaunting your gift every chance she gets. Check out the product below, and give her something meaningful.

Vintage Pearl Rhodium Plated Bracelet

Vintage Pearl Rhodium Plated Bracelet
Heard of the saying that diamonds and pearls are a girl’s best friend? Well then, without a speck of doubt you should pick this vintage pearl rhodium-plated bracelet. Featuring a big and lustrous water pearl in the center and a rhodium-plated chain, this is one of the best gifts for your mom. Whether she is going for a beach party or a casual outing, this is the perfect pick.

If your mother has a classy taste and likes to add charm to her everyday jewelry, this is arguably one of the best picks.

Mother's Day Earrings
Even if your mom is not a fan o heavy jewelry, earrings are something that she can’t go without. Adding a magical sense to every look, earrings are a perfect pick if you want to give something meaningful to your mother. FCJ has a vast collection of gorgeous picks for you to choose from.
Check out the product mentioned below, if minimalism is what defines your mother.

Natural Blue Topaz Hoop Earrings
You can never go wrong with hoops because they go well with every outfit. Whether it is traditional attire or a fancy party gown, hoops are something that will always add bliss to an outfit. Set with blue tainted topaz in the center and rhodium-plated sterling silver hoop, this earring set is just the ideal pick for you.

Natural Blue Topaz Hoop Earrings

Why Choose Gemstone Jewellery?
Gemstones are said to be better than any other jewel, wondering why? Because each gemstone has a different meaning and is set around different physical and emotional qualities. Where ruby represents passion and fierceness, emerald represents kindness and serenity.

Not only do these stones represent these qualities but they also enhance them. So, what better way to show your love for your mother than gifting her gemstone rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, right? Some popular gemstones are: -

  • Ruby - fierceness, passion, prosperity
  • Sapphire - elegance, loyalty, self-discipline
  • Emerald - kindness, serenity, care
  • Amethyst - relaxation, peace, royalty, stability, and creativity
  • Citrine - self-improvement, beauty, rarity

Fine Color Jewels is one of the best online jewelry stores. Together with our customers, we aim to make this mother’s day special for everyone. We bring you a wide collection of elegant, chic, and beautiful accessories. Our accessories can be easily worn on occasion or can be used every day. So, what are you waiting for? Grab yours now, and give your mother something uniquely special.


What are the Best Mother's Day Gifts for her?

Jewelry is a timeless and classic gift that your mom will love and appreciate. Consider her personal style, budget, and occasion when choosing the perfect gift.

Where can I buy Mother's Day Jewelry Gifts?

You can buy Mother's Day jewelry gifts online, at local jewelry stores, or from custom jewelry makers.

How much should I spend on a Mother's Day Gift?

There's no set amount for how much you should spend on a Mother's Day gift. It's important to consider your budget and choose a gift that you can afford.

Can I customize a Mother's Day Jewelry Gift?

Yes, you can customize a Mother's Day jewelry gift. Consider custom-made jewelry or adding a personalized message to make the gift even more special.

How do I know if my Mom will like her gift?

Consider your mom's personal style, taste, and preferences when choosing a Mother's Day gift. If you're unsure, consider asking her friends or other family members for advice.

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