Why Do We Celebrate Mother's Day And How To Make It Special For Your Mum

Why Do We Celebrate Mother's Day And How To Make It Special For Your Mum

A mother is someone who is your first friend, close friend, and forever friend.  Every mom deserves love and respect from her child.

A mother is almost like a god-figure in your life and there is no substitute for a mother. She is someone who cares the most and loves the most. It’s hard to imagine a life without mother. If there is someone who can love you unconditionally., it’s your mom.

Though all the days belong to your doting mother, one special day is specifically dedicated to all the Mothers. Yes, we‘re talking about Mother’s Day. Every year we wait for mother’s day to celebrate and make mothers feel special. Nevertheless, some people still ask why we celebrate mother’s day and how to make it a special day for mom.  

In this article, we’ll talk about why mother’s day is celebrated and reveal some ideas to make it a special day for your mother. Without beating around the bush, let’s deep dive in below. 

Genesis Of Mother’s Day 

Back in 1908, the first mother’s day was celebrated. Anna Jarvis is the lady who organised mother’s day to commemorate her mother (she was a peace activist who took care of wounded soldiers of the American Civil War). Anna’s mother died in 1905 in the United States. Her motive was to honour all the mothers of the world who have done a lot for their families and society and made sacrifices. After seeing her efforts and dedication, most US states started celebrating mother’s day in 1911 as a local holiday. West Virginia, a home state of Jarvis, first declared the holiday for the occasion in 1910. As a result, the second Sunday of May was officially proclaimed Mother’s day in the US  and the 28th President of the United States of America declared the same in 1914. 

This is how Mother’s day is celebrated in different countries worldwide. 

Why Do We Celebrate Mother’s day? 

Needless to say, mother’s day is celebrated to honour all the mothers in the world. The day is celebrated to express love, respect, and honour towards mothers. This day is an event to honour mothers for their contribution, acknowledging the efforts of maternal bonds and their role in society at a global level.  You should know that different countries celebrate Mother's day on different dates; however, common months are March and May. 

To make mother’s day memorable for your mother, you should do something special for her. Do you want to make your mother feel special on this day? If yes, continue reading the article below. 

List Of Beautiful Gifts For Your Mother By Fine Color Jewels

Do you want to make your mother feel super special and most loved on this Mother’s day? Don't hesitate in expressing your love to her by gifting her classy rings, attractive necklaces, beautiful bracelets, and other jewely items. Fine Color Jewels offers you plenty of jewely options to choose from to buy gifts for your mother.

A checklist of jewelry is mentioned below. Go through it and find the best jewelry for your mother. 

1. Mother's Day Rings  

If you want to give your mother a gift, a ring is something you should think of. A ring can be the most precious gift that you can offer your mother as a token of love. Whether you’re looking for sterling rings, gemstone rings, or lab-grown diamond rings, Fine Color Jewels has everything in the bucket. All the rings you get from Fine Color Jewels are of high quality and available at affordable prices. 

A product is mentioned below, just click on the link to check out.

Sapphire Dual Eternity Ring in 925 Sterling Silver

This is a dual circle ring that will shine on your mother’s finger. This ring has natural sapphire gemstones, which will be the perfect gift for your mother. This is one of the best gemstone rings you can buy your mother. 

2. Mother's Day Earrings

Do you want to buy something else for your mother? Why not look for earrings then? Earrings are highly wearable jewely that your mother will love to wear for sure. Without a speck of doubt, the earring is something every woman wears as they are easy to carry. 

Here is a product below, check it out now. 

Natural Blue Topaz Rhodium Plated Evil Eye Earrings

These Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver earrings look beautiful and give a classy look. Since these are evil eye earrings, they tend to cast off the evil eye and bring good luck to your mother as well. On each earring, there is a round shape eye engraving featuring a natural blue topaz stone surrounded by shimmering Moissanite that gives a complete look to the earrings. 

3. Mother's Day Necklaces

Every woman loves wearing a simple and beautiful necklace to shine her neck. If your mom doesn’t love wearing rings or earrings, a necklace is something you can consider buying her. Fine Color Jewels has a variety of beautiful necklaces for you to choose from. 

A product is mentioned below, check it out now and buy it for your mom. 

Ruby Butterfly Pendant Necklace in Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver

Does your mom love ruby stones? If yes, a ruby butterfly pendant necklace is here to glorify her look. This necklace has a classic and adorable pattern. Indeed, your mother will love this beautiful necklace if you gift her. 

Why Go With Gemstone Jewelry?

The fact is that gemstone jewelry completes your look. Whether you’re buying a gift for your mother or a girlfriend, gemstone jewelry will surely help them achieve a stylish look. Gemstones are durable and have an ancient history. Moreover, gemstones are considered to bring good luck if bought with the right stone and color. 

Fine Color Jewels is the leading online jewelry store. We have a huge collection of jewelry ranging from earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and a lot more. All our accessories are made from natural gemstones and real pearls that help you give a chick a stylish look. So, let us help you find beautiful jewelry for your mother and make her feel special on this Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day To All Moms!

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