July Birthstone: The Ruby - Symbolism And Meaning

July Birthstone: The Ruby - Symbolism And Meaning

July - the month with peak summers resembles charm and energy. The same should be represented through the July birthstone as well; thus the birthstone of the month of July is - Ruby. July birthstone - Ruby has been sitting on the throne of gemstones since ancient times. Ruby birthstone doesn’t have much competition for its color and characteristic because, unlike other gemstones, ruby doesn’t have similar alternatives. It has both superior and fiery characteristics and can also be valued more than diamonds per carat.

The birthstone of the month of July has a strong origin and significance. Belonging to the corundum family, the ruby birthstone has a hypnotic red appearance. Bring such a fiery color to the table; its origin and significance are worth learning about. So, stroll along the blog to find the rich meaning of ruby and what are the jewelry options in ruby.   

Origin of Rubies
Burma (now Myanmar), the oldest recorded place as the source of rubies, has been producing ruby birthstone for centuries. According to ancient times, the Mogok areas of Myanmar, former Burma, gave the world's most sought-after rubies for more than five centuries.

Another source for rubies was rose in the 20th century in Vietnam. Tracing back the history, different countries had different beliefs regarding Ruby. Back in the day, India called the ruby the king of gemstones because of its rarity, beauty, and hardness, which is only second to diamond. Others believed the July birthstone - ruby, could cure inflammatory diseases and soothe anger.

On the contrary, Burmese warriors believed that ruby made them invincible and thus carried it during wars. Medieval European believed that rubies were a symbol of health, wisdom, love, and wealth.

Rubies: Symbolism and Meaning
From the above information, it is clear that different countries with different cultures have different faiths toward the birthstone for the month of July—Ruby. The July birthstone represents love, passion, courage, fierceness, and emotion. July's birthstone color is fiery red; therefore, ruby is also considered the best gemstone.

Sitting on the throne of gemstones, ruby is renowned for its versatility and shades of red, from pinkish red to bright traffic signal red. July's birthstone gets its color from chromium.

Stunning Ruby Jewelry
Now that you know the origin and significance of the birthstone for the month of July, let’s take a look at some ruby jewelry that you can style!

Genuine Ruby Pendant Necklace in 925 Sterling Silver
First up on the list is the Ruby Pendant Necklace. With a cluster of rubies embedded in sterling silver, this necklace is perfect for capturing everyone’s eye. You can wear it on any occasion, and it can be clubbed with every outfit.

ruby necklace pendants

Price - $ 71.40

The Halo Ruby Earrings in Yellow Gold Plated Silver with Moissanite
There is no piece of jewelry as strong as earrings. They alone are enough to complete any look. So the next ruby birthstone jewelry on our list is halo ruby earrings. Embedded in yellow gold plated silver base, the colors of these earrings are stunningly gorgeous. These studs are perfect for everyday use and can be worn on special occasions as well.

ruby earrings

Price - $ 122.40

Ruby & White Topaz Bracelet in 925 Sterling Silver
This bracelet comes with three complete rows of stones, where the outer rows are embedded with white topaz, and the middle row is embedded with July birthstone - ruby. The rich pinkish-red colored ruby perfectly represents power and grace. Set in the sterling silver bracelet, this accessory can be styled with every outfit and is ideal for all occasions.

ruby bracelets

Price - $ 194.65

Genuine Ruby Evil Eye Ring with Moissanite Accents
Ruby's birthstone is the ideal gemstone to symbolize both love and power. So, if you have a bold personality or want to make a bold move, go with this ruby evil eye ring with moissanite accents. With ruby in the center and moissanite on the eye, this shimmery ring can be worn as stand-alone jewelry and also be used to complement other accessories.

ruby evil eye rings

Price - $ 113.00

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