Wedding Rings That Will Make A Statement

Wedding Rings That Will Make A Statement

Hearing the wedding bells? If you and your bride have set a date and venue, all that’s left is a stellar wedding ring. Weddings are all about love, and your wedding ring needs to speak the language of love. No other wedding gift is as meaningful as gemstone wedding rings. After all, each gemstone represents a different quality and is specifically crafted. Speaking of facts, gemstone wedding rings are a la mode, so why should you be behind that too at your wedding?

Wedding rings represent the love you share for your partner; hence, exchanging gemstone wedding rings only glorifies your passion! People spend days, even months, looking for the perfect wedding rings. Thus, we are here to rescue you! Here in this blog, we will walk you through six gemstone wedding rings, other than diamonds, yet ideal for making a'statement.’

Statement Rings Other Than Diamonds
There are a variety of options when it comes to wedding rings for women. Feeling overwhelmed with options? Don’t lose hope just yet, because we are here with six statement gemstone wedding rings that will put your partner in awe.

Classic Baguette White Topaz Sterling Silver Ring
Have a knack for being different? Make your wedding ceremony even more beautiful by gifting gemstone wedding rings! Keeping this in mind, this elegant baguette white topaz wedding ring for women is the first pick on the list. White Topaz is undoubtedly the best gemstone for your wedding ring. It is embedded in a shiny sterling silver ring and with white topaz running along the entirety of the band, this band is undeniably the best pick.

White Topaz Sterling Silver Ring

Pearl Engagement Ring with Moissanite Accent
After diamonds, women love sparkly white pearls! For the second choice, we bring you pearl rings with a moissanite accent. The pearl beautifully sits in the center of the ring, and moissanite surrounds the pearls like a halo. The freshwater pearl, along with moissanite accents covering half the ring, will add charm to your bride’s finger. Undeniably, this is one of the women's most gorgeous wedding rings and is enough to make a LOUD statement!

Pearl Engagement Ring with Moissanite Accents

Classic Solitaire Round Rose Gold and White Topaz Ring
The woman you love deserves only the best, so why not consider wedding bands other than classic silver rings? Taking this into consideration, we bring you one of the best wedding bands. A beautiful round-cut white topaz set mesmerizingly in rose gold plated 925 sterling silver. This ring is everything you need to leave your partner speechless. The solitaire round rose gold ring is one of our bestsellers - even more reason for you to choose it

Solitaire Round Rose Gold White Topaz Ring

Evergreen Solitaire Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Ring with White Topaz
If your partner prefers warm-colored rings like - rose gold wedding rings over sparkly, shiny silvers, then this is undoubtedly the best choice for you. Our evergreen solitaire rose gold plated rings with white topaz will add charm to the gorgeous hands of your bride. The solitaire cut white topaz is surrounded with white topaz accents in the shape of a flower and sits stylishly on an accented ring.

Solitaire Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Ring with White Topaz


Classic Octagon White Topaz Ring
Want something different than the classic round and solitaire cuts? Why not go with an octagon cut? The octagonal shape gives the stone a bigger appearance, and the shiny white topaz meticulously heeds the love between you and your partner. Embedded in a minimalist white topaz accent sterling silver ring, this is one of the most elegant wedding rings for women. The ring is the perfect balance of a loud statement and minimalism.


Octagon White Topaz Ring

Statement White Topaz Round Ring
Classics are the best for a reason! On this list, our last pick is a classic statement white topaz ring. The white topaz cut in a round shape and embedded in a beautiful white topaz accented sterling silver ring will glorify the beauty of your bride. What’s the wait then? Grab it right away!

White Topaz Round Ring

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