Most Fascinating August Birthstone Facts - Peridot

Most Fascinating August Birthstone Facts - Peridot

August is a month that symbolizes self-confidence, creativity, humor, and charm. August-borns are considered charming, creative, and humorous personalities, and so is the birthstone of the August- Peridot gemstone. This olive green-colored cosmic birthstone is found in the volcanic lava of Hawaii. The peridot birthstone is said to date back to 1500 BC and is associated with Egyptian and Romanian folklore. Legend has it that the peridot gemstone is made from the tears of Pele (the goddess of volcanoes).

With such astonishing facts, the curiosity for peridot jewelry is unmatched? Walk through this blog to discover five fascinating August birthstone jewelry pieces.

Peridot August Birthstone: Statement Jewelry Perfect For Every Occasion
Intrigued by these august birthstone facts? Well then, we bring you a list of five peridot jewelry pieces.  

Refined Square Princess Cut Natural Peridot Ring with a White Sapphire
First up on our list is the Refined Princess Cut Peridot Ring. The peridot is intricately encrusted on a sterling silver ring in a stunning square shape. The stone sits stylishly in the ring, and white sapphires run along half the ring, enhancing its princess cut. This peridot gemstone ring is arguably a gorgeous piece of jewelry.  

Square Princess cut Natural Peridot Ring with White Sapphire


Natural Peridot Rhodium Plated Evil Eye Necklace
Does your birthday fall in August, or is a close one August-born? Well, there is no better gift than this Evil Eye Peridot necklace. Whether buying it for yourself or gifting it to someone, the pristine green peridot featured at the center of the eye will woo the recipient’s heart!  

Peridot Rhodium Plated Evil Eye Necklace

Natural Peridot Rhodium Plated Evil Eye Earrings
An Evil Eye is known to provide protection against evil and negative thoughts, and with peridot sitting at the center of the eye, this pair of earrings becomes the epitome of positivity. The eye is surrounded by sparkly white moissanite accents. Moreover, the presence of moissanite exudes the stunning green color of peridot. You can also pair these earrings with an evil eye necklace.

Peridot Rhodium Plated Evil Eye Earrrings

Sterling Silver Peridot Bracelet
Bracelets are undeniably the most subtle piece of jewelry, right? Therefore, the next pick on our list is the sterling silver Peridot bracelet. The bracelet features gorgeous pear-cut peridot gemstones embedded along the sterling silver bracelet. Furthermore, the bracelet is accentuated with sparkling white topaz, supporting the green birthstone beautifully.

Sterling Silver Peridot Bracelet

Natural Peridot Dainty Round Rhodium Hoop Earrings
How can we end the list of jewelry without the mention of earrings? Lastly, on our list is the peridot natural Peridot dainty hoop earrings. These earrings scream elegance and are ideal for everyday use. Each piece of earrings is accentuated with a peridot birthstone cut in a round shape, and the birthstone adds glory to the shiny sterling silver hoop earrings.

Fascinating Facts About the Peridot Birthstone
Similar to any other gemstone, even the peridot gemstone is surrounded by many beliefs. It is said that the gemstone radiates positive energy; likewise, mentioned below are three of the most surprising peridot August birthstone facts.

The Only Gemstone That Comes in a Single Colour

Usually, gemstones have multiple colors depending on their place of origin. The Peridot birthstone here is an exception. One of the fascinating August birthstone facts is that peridot is found in only one color - green. The peridot gemstone can be found only in shades of green and not any other variant.  Now the color green can vary from pale yellowish-green to deep-olive green. Further, the peridot gemstone gets its color due to the presence of iron in the peridot’s structure. 


Peridot Birthstone Is Formed In Earth’s Mantle

There are several August birthstone facts, the most evident being its presence in the Earth’s mantle. The peridot birthstone is said to be like a diamond because these are the only two gemstones found in the Earth’s mantle. Since all the other gemstones are usually found in the Earth's crust and the peridot is formed in the mantle, it makes the peridot gemstone unique and special. Further, the earth's mantle is rich in iron; thus, it is found in peridot’s structure, giving the stone its green color.


The Peridot Gemstone Is A Fairly Inexpensive Birthstone

Gemstones are expensive - there is no denying this fact. When it comes to the peridot gemstone, this statement is partially incorrect. If you are buying the peridot gemstone under four carats, it is relatively inexpensive. Since the peridot birthstone is a form of olivine (a very commonly occurring mineral), it is less expensive than others. However, the pure peridot gemstone is rare, and thus, when weighing ten carats or more, peridot is considered to be of high quality and is much more expensive.

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