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  • Most Fascinating August Birthstone Facts - Peridot

    Most Fascinating August Birthstone Facts - Peridot

    August is a month that symbolizes self-confidence, creativity, humor, and charm. August-borns are considered charming, creative, and humorous personalities, and so is the birthstone of the August- Peridot gemstone. This olive green-colored cosmic birthstone is found in the volcanic lava of Hawaii. The peridot birthstone is said to date back to 1500 BC and is associated with Egyptian and Romanian folklore. Legend has it that the peridot gemstone is made from the tears of Pele (the goddess of volcanoes).

    With such astonishing facts, the curiosity for peridot jewelry is unmatched? Walk through this blog to discover five fascinating August birthstone jewelry pieces.

    Peridot August Birthstone: Statement Jewelry Perfect For Every Occasion
    Intrigued by these august birthstone facts? Well then, we bring you a list of five peridot jewelry pieces. Β 

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