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  • Discovering the Enchanting Beauty of October's Birthstone - Opal

    Discovering the Enchanting Beauty of October's Birthstone - Opal
    October is known not only for Halloween celebrations but also for a precious birthstone. Lucky are those born this month as they're blessed with the exceptional birthstone - opal.  Since time immemorial, humans have been wearing opal gemstone as a piece of jewelry. Opal jewelry stimulates love, harmony, and mutual understanding. Opal gemstone jewelry is not only beautiful but has also proved to be a LUCKY charm. Therefore, Fine Color Jewels  has brought you a collection of October birthstone jewelry to allow you to shine as bright as the Sun.

    October Birthstone Opal- Meaning And Colors

    The name of the traditional October birthstone originated in India, from the word Upala, which means "a precious stone." In...
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